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World Summit on Sustainable Cities, September 25-27, 2013, Nantes, FR

NOTE: This opportunity has expired or is an event which has already taken place.

Following on from Montreal, Istanbul, San Francisco, Bangalore, Shenzhen, Curitiba, Dakar, Adelaide and Berkeley, it will be the first edition to be held in the European Union.
ECOCITY is the cross-disciplinary World Summit on Sustainable Cities supported by the NGO Ecocity Builders.

  • The concept was originally designed to:
  • Facilitate exchanges among local, regional and governmental decision-makers, researchers and the civil society,
  • Bring together all the different disciplines on sustainable cities,
  • Offer equal treatment to all speakers,
  • Enable citizens to play a role.

This 10th edition positions “the city as a vital area of work to grapple with the global sustainability issues”.

One year after Rio + 20, ECOCITY 2013 must be a platform to accelerate the transition on a global scale, in partnership with the United Nations. Ambitious goals have been set for the event:

  • A crucial political moment worldwide,
  • Mobilization of all the driving forces,
  • Emergence of large-scale solutions,
  • A change in the rules governing the city,
  • An action-driven schedule.

ECOCITY 2013 will be a unique opportunity to organize dialogue between the bearers of a European urban development model and their counterparts in other continents.

Ecocity, the World Summit on Sustainable Cities, will be held from 25 to 27 September 2013.
Under the heading “the city as a vital area of work to grapple with the global sustainability issues“, the Conference will serve as a platform to accelerate change at a global level in partnership with the United Nations.

It will be followed by the Summit of the Mexico City Pact Signatories on Saturday 28 September. The two events are very complementary.

ECOCITY will take shape over the 3 days with the Summit and the Exhibition designed as “the ideal place to showcase solutions for sustainable cities” and innovation.

A new approach, around the collaborative platform to be introduced at the beginning of 2013, will make it possible for all the contributors to co-build the programme.

The Summit will propose various types of meetings and exchanges:

  • Plenary sessions and round tables,
  • Interactive sessions in theatre-style rooms ,
  • Applied research showcase,
  • Knowledge corner,
  • Public session,
  • Exhibition,
  • B to B meetings,
  • ECOCITY coffee discussion groups based on the concept of philosophy cafés,
  • Cultural sessions.

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