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WEBINAR: Clean Technology and Environmental Services Sector Growth Plan – Phase 2

February 4, 2020 | Written By: Kieran Hanley

At the tail end of November I wrote a blog and published a webinar that introduced our work in developing of a growth strategy for Newfoundland and Labrador’s clean technology and environmental services sector.

We think this work is timely, and we’re taking our time to try and get it right. Using all of the information we compiled through the Summer and into the Fall, we’ve identified a few themes that seem to crop up again and again. This was our intent – if we could land on a few areas that were cross-sectoral in their application, we knew that our efforts in the end would have a greater impact and increase the odds of innovative activity.

The themes we’ve landed on through this work? Characterization and monitoring. Electrification. Renewable Energy. Waste management. Transportation. And operational efficiency. What sort of technologies/businesses would fall under these themes? For that info there’s no way around it – you’ll either have to read the document or view the webinar (at the bottom of this post).

The balanced scorecard devised for our strategy

It wasn’t enough to just identify themes. We had to understand which of these themes would provide the biggest bang for our buck when it came time to develop our growth strategy. To go about that we took a balanced scorecard approach (hey, business school is paying off!)… introducing metrics relating to (1) the economic growth / innovation potential of each theme and (2) the relative strategic importance of the industries in which they would be applied.

The resulting scores provide some insight as to the impact that can be expected for actions that are taken within each theme. But in reality, the total scores are less important in the development of this strategy than the information gleaned through the scoring process.

If you’re interested enough to get this far into the blog, please take a look at our findings or view the webinar (below). We need to put our best foot forward to ensure that our conclusions are reasonably accurate… because our next step is to use that info to make some determinations on what is needed to support growth in the sector via each of these themes. So, any ideas, comments, concerns, questions that you have – we would really welcome!


And you thought the last webinar was exciting?! Prepare for thirty one minutes and twelve seconds of riveting material. In all seriousness, this probably could have been divided into two separate presentations, but it does give some insight into the process that we are going through that might not translate as well on paper. If you’re really interested in what we’re trying to do here, but can’t stomach reading through another document, this webinar is for you.

Next Steps

See the image below to see where we’re going from here. If you want to discuss anything, please drop me a line at You can follow along with this initiative and view all of our materials to-date right here.

I’ll check in again soon!

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