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Warm for the Winter!

October 27, 2017 | Written By: Matt Rumboldt

For the second year, Firewood Factory NL is running their “Warm Hearts” program and are taking nominations to donate a truckload of wood to someone in need

Around the holidays, and especially in our cold winters, everyone needs a little warmth in their homes. Unfortunately for some, finding real warmth is harder to come by. Local business Firewood Factory NL are offering a freshly cut truckload of firewood to someone in need in the months of November and December.

Luke and Kaylen Janes, owners and operators of Firewood Factory NL want to give back to the community in more ways than the company already does with their booming firewood business. The company is accepting nominations for the “Warm Hearts” program and nomination can be made by emailing them.

“You can basically nominate anybody. Your friends, family, somebody you know in need of a little bit of warmth in their home… Just give us a little background story of why they should have it” says Luke Janes.

Nominations for last year’s “Warm Hearts” program far exceeded their expectations, with some heart warming (and home warming) stories of people in need. They anticipate this year will yield even more nominations and look forward to choosing a winner, albeit hard to choose with the sentiment being shared in the many stories they receive. With that said, it gives the couple the motivation to keep growing their business to provide firewood to the residents of our province, who clearly have adopted Firewood Factory NL as a reliable source for their home heating needs.

To make your nominations, email them at and use the subject line “Warm Hearts” and share your story of someone you know who is in need of some firewood warmth this holiday season!

Firewood Factory is a valid timber vendor, which means all of its wood is sustainably-sourced from harvesters in central Newfoundland.

Here’s a video from NTV about last year’s “Warm Hearts” program and shares a little insight to the focus behind Firewood Factory NL.


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