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Tying Into the Grid with Solar Winds Energy

May 8, 2018 | Written By: Matt Rumboldt

For more than 20 years, NEIA member Solar Winds Energy Inc. has been providing designed and installations of renewable energy systems.
SW Energy is a wholesale supplier of these technologies throughout Newfoundland Labrador and Atlantic Canada.

Most of Solar Winds Energy’s systems have been related to off-grid applications for various sectors and industries throughout the province, they have made some recent installations that tie into the electrical grid to 1) take advantage of the Net-Metering policy put into place last year and 2) showcase these technologies to customers and potential customers in the province to provide education and to show how these installations can provide efficient energy electrical power production that offsets into cost-savings on a utility bill.

Some of these recent installations include grid tied wind machine operations and more recently SW energy has added 10 KW of solar PV to their already existing 3 KW grid-tie wind turbine that they had in service at their commercial office in Clarenville, NL. With both systems in operation at their facility SW Energy will now be producing a total of 13 KW of more clean, renewable energy, providing a daily savings on their commercial building utility costs.

SW Energy’s business is about efficiency’s and renewable energy solutions to consumers of the province and Atlantic Canada. They have been on the forefront of introducing innovative energy efficient solutions for the people of NL and the addition of these new systems to their warehouse facility can provide customers with a real-time look at how they work and the monthly savings to potential customers, contractors, businesses, government and all other end users of their products.

This installation is another first for the Clarenville based company which comes after a recent installation of the first grid-tied wind turbine for a local residential customer in Port Blandford. SW Energy staff say they are just doing their thing, working over the years to try and change the way people see and use energy in our homes, communities and province. They want to talk their systems up a little, to show everyone that not only do these systems work, they work extremely well.

“Creating change and a good energy mix, is healthy” says Dan Moody, SW Energy’s Owner/Operator. As we start to move away from non-renewable resources and into a more sustainable way of using our energy, we’re also moving into a different lifestyle of smart energy solutions and how we can produce our own electricity daily to offset current and more importantly, upcoming spikes in the costs of electricity. Making the move to renewable energy sources is about more than business for SW Energy, it’s about the environment, innovative clean technologies, energy efficiency, energy education and awareness and the value in instant utility savings. Not to mention the value added to properties once systems like this are installed. The proactive approach to the uncertain costs of utilities in the future is to offset that with your own renewable power generation and SW Energy has all the tools to help you take that step.

Even if you haven’t heard of SW Energy in the past, odds are you’ve encountered their products and installations somewhere in the province. Seven years ago after Hurricane Igor, they got approval for installation of the Generlink product to the province, which allowed the safe electrical transfer switch installation on buildings in through the electrical meter base. People in the province were offered a very affordable solution for backup power that could be connected to a portable generator for their homes and provided lifesaving warm up shelters during power outages caused by major winter storms and hurricane events. SW Energy also had firsts with the introduction of solar traffic beacons for cross-walks in communities and solar speed signs for promoting safer roadways.

To take your next (or first) step into a renewable energy solution for your home or business, contact Solar Winds Energy at


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