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The Next Level in Oil Filtration Technology

January 30, 2019 | Written By: Matt

As part of NEIA’s blog series, we want to help and support our members’ initiatives, both locally and internationally, by promoting their business through any means possible. In this spotlight we highlight a longtime NEIA member, Oil Filtration Solutions (OFS) – President on the ground in NL, Mr. Bill Butler, is making sure the OFS technology is being installed on as many local and international technologies as possible.

Here’s a bit of a breakdown of Oil Filtration Solution’s Technology:

The Generation 2 Filtration (G2F) technology is a simple add-on to any diesel engine, hydraulic system or transmission, without effecting the operation. G2F filters a small percentage of oil slowly (1 gpm) through the dense G2F element (300 meters of paper), removing water (preventing acid formation and rapid oil additive depletion) and ultra-fine dirt down to 1-micron, contamination normally missed by conventional full-flow oil filters, allowing their customers to dramatically prolong their oil with operational safety while experiencing less mechanical wear.

Now, odds are that is a fairly technical explanation of how the G2F technology works and honestly I didn’t really understand any of it until Oil Filtration Solutions joined us as part of NEIA’s Atlantic Canada Offshore Clean Technology Pavilion last year at the Atlantic Canada Petroleum Show and gave us all a demonstration of how effective the technology is. Below a video that shows how it works and breaks down the technical information a little:

Most recently Oil Filtration Solutions installed its G2F units on two Generators, a hydraulic engine and a transmission on a fishing vessel of one of their long standing customers, who has been using their 1-micron bypass oil filtering technology since 2004 on other vessels in their fleet. The filters installed in 2004 has now over 46,000 hours on the customer’s Kubota Generator (which yeah I had to google, click the link if you want to know what it is!) and has been running 750 hours on the oil and main filters. With traditional filters the amount of hours would be around 250. I don’t know much about filters but let me tell you, that’s a lot more hours.

This Oil Filtration Solutions client hasn’t had to touch the engine with a wrench and have gone four times longer than the expected and recommended engine rebuild period. This is all due to the fact that the G2F filter has kept the engines oil free from soot, free from present acid and no reduced mechanical wear – all due to Oil Filtration Solutions technology. Basically, why replace healthy oil if it’s still clean? By using the G2F filter, Oil Filtration Solutions’ clients are able to: save money, especially over long term mechanical use; improve the mechanical reliability; reduce GHG emissions through better filtering; and help environmental performance.

Check out the pictures below that show the G2F installation specifically for this client.

Image shows used G2F 1-micron oil filter removed from the hydraulic filter unit, removing ultra-fine contamination missed by existing full-flow oil filters. Notice the accumulation of small pieces of metal on top of the element. Removal of these particles is critical to the short and long term health of the power pack and the hydraulic oil.

Want to hear more about this technology? Well, Bill Butler, Oil Filtration Solutions President, loves to talk about his tech and if you don’t know him already he’s the one guy who can keep you entertained while he tells about Oil Filtration Solutions!

Give him a call:

Mr. Bill Butler
President, Oil Filtration Solutions


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