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The Effective Office: Making the Value Stream Visible

NOTE: This opportunity has expired or is an event which has already taken place.

Equipping professionals with the tools to see business process value streams & eliminate waste

If you are responsible for an office/business process or are the leader of a team responsible for an office/business process, this one-day interactive simulation/workshop is designed to provide you with a powerful-yet-simple, tool to make the business process value stream visible and to use these tools to make business processes more effective.

Based on the principles of the ‘Lean Enterprise’ the workshop will provide an understanding of Lean tactics, tools, and proven practices that apply to the process professional’s role. Both current and future implementers of ‘Lean Enterprise’ thinking who want to apply the tools and practices contained in this workshop will find the hands-on format and learn-by-doing case study approach easy to grasp and convey to others. Participants become members of the accounts payable team of the Sky-View Aircraft Company which has just adopted Lean Enterprise/World Class thinking to increase productivity to improve its competitive position. This approach involves participants directly and enables them see how to practically define opportunities for improvement and to integrate Business Process Value Streams with other processes both internal and external to the Enterprise.

By utilizing Lean Enterprise Principles and Tools to focus on the company’s business process streams, the participants will learn how to use Lean Thinking to identify non-value added activities, reduce waste, and improve the effectiveness of both processes and information flow with the goal of enhancing Customer Success. It is the intention of this workshop to equip participants to return with practical tools & techniques they may apply immediately in their office process situation

To obtain maximum benefit, participants will be employed anywhere within the Manufacturing infrastructure – from the factory, office, finance, sales, distribution, management, warehouse, engineering, and maintenance – or, within the supplier/ customer chain.


  • Confirm the critical value of the contribution business process have to global competitiveness
  • Understand how Lean Thinking applies to business processes and especially the impact on customer value
  • Know and explain “Value Added” and “Non-Value Added” activities in a typical office/business process environment
  • List and explain each of the 5 steps to “Lean Thinking” as they apply to office/business processes
  • Understand how Value Stream Mapping makes a “Present State” business process operation visible
  • Describe what is communicated in a Value Stream Map and how the map is derived and the metrics used
  • Describe the impact that a business process has on an Enterprise and other areas that it supports
  • Discuss analysis, justification, implementation and measurement techniques typically used by leading firms
  • Discuss the power of ‘seeing waste’ and how the 7 forms of “Waste” relate to the office/business process
  • Discuss the use, evaluation and effectiveness of technology in a office/business process environment
  • Understand how generating a “Future State Map” for a given office/business process and discuss the typical approaches taken to involve people in the implementation
  • Introduction to the Kaizen improvement process


Location: CME Boardroom – 90 O’Leary Avenue, 2nd Floor, Suite 2017
Dates/Time: Wednesday, December 11, 2013 9 am to 5pm

  • Consortium Member $149.99 + HST
  • CME Members | $199.99 + HST
  • Affiliate | $249.99 + HST

  • Non Members | $299.99 + HST

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