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A Tale of Two Technologies

August 22, 2017 | Written By: Matt Rumboldt

NEIA member and recent start-up Terra Technologies’ business is driven by increasingly strict global waste water discharge standards and emission standards for combustion facilities, which are major sources of a variety of harmful pollutants. Unlike other technologies, Terra Technologies’ solution easily reduces nitrogen oxides and works all stages of the combustion process.

Terra Technologies was originally developed with the concept that there must be a more efficient way to separate oil from water. After developing innovative technology that does just that, Terra Technologies has since expanded into the removal of contaminates from air emissions as well.

Founded in 2010 as a division of Terra Services Inc. Terra technologies have spent the past seven years testing their technologies in multiple different applications, understanding that clean technology is becoming a paramount focus not only to private industry, government institutions but to society at large. Terra Technologies believe they meet the requirements of today’s standards and beyond.

Their first developed technology provides the ability to remove oil from water and allowing industry professionals to extract more oil from source and to meet government regulations in water discharge, the result being they provide clean water after their process and insures no contamination.

To learn more about this system, check out this link

The second technology allows the removal of 90% plus contaminates from air emissions. Terra Technologies has brought the reality of attaining zero emissions and has moved to 90% closer to complete combustion. The foundation for this is built on the idea of a complete combustion engine. Producing 0% carbon monoxide, 0% nitrous oxide, 0% carbon and 14% carbon dioxide. Using Terra Technologies filter technology, they can replicate these numbers creating a clean emission unlike any other solution available today.

To learn more about this technology follow this link

To view Terra Technologies patents on these products, see here

Canada in now supporting clean technology procurement with 30 billion dollars committed over the next 10 years. As we stand at the dawn of the clean technology growth era, Terra Technologies is ready to lead. The commitment to climate action goes well beyond governments, Terra Technologies believes that businesses in Canada and around the world need to recognize the important shift into reducing emissions and adopting cleaner energy.

Contact Terra Technologies at:
(709) 691-2333


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