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Some People Go Through a Forest and See No Firewood

June 5, 2017 | Written By: Matt Rumboldt

Others see opportunity

The title is a proverb, meaning some people may never be aware of the possibilities in their surroundings. Luke and Kaylen Janes did no such thing, when realizing their business idea – Firewood Factory NL.

Luke and Kaylen took their passion and love for cutting wood to a whole new level. In 2014 the couple became parents, changing their outlook on how time was spent and how they would raise a family. Once relying on the offshore oil industry, the decline in that sector caused the financial support they once knew, to be gone – thus they came together as a firewood family forming Firewood Factory NL.

Not anyone can simply go out, cut down trees, turn around and sell them – Legally anyway.

Firewood factory is certified as a wood vendor through the Provincial Forest Services, meaning that they have a permit to sell firewood to customers. Firewood factory only supports legal wood cutting activities on the island – and they do this by purchasing wood from permit-holding harvesters. At the end of each month and sales period, they complete paperwork for the Forestry Branch to show who the wood was purchased from and where it was cut. This process allows the Forestry Branch to maintain a detailed inventory of how much wood is being cut, in different parts of the island, so in turn, they can ensure only a sustainable amount of wood is being cut each year. Each Forestry district in the province calculates an “annual allowable cut”, which determines how much wood can sustainably be removed each year.

Firewood Factory NL also provides, what’s called “load slips” to every customer for every load of wood they sell. This is in an effort to prove that all firewood they sell has been legally cut. They encourage all firewood burners to specifically request that form when buying firewood, as it helps ensure the sustainability of our province’s forest resources. The provincial government has a strong re-planting program and more than 8.3 million trees returning to the soil per year, for those that have been harvested.

A Big Accomplishment with ISO 14001

In January of 2016, the provincial government announced that their forestry branch had obtained ISO 14001, which stands as a global standard demonstrating a strong commitment to environmental protection. Newfoundland and Labrador is one of only a few provinces that has earned this certification.

This environmental management system requires third party auditing of all levels within the industry, from wood harvesters on the ground, all the way up to management level policy work.

What Firewood Factory aims to communicate, is that there are many illegal and unsustainable methods of cutting and selling firewood in our province. Luke and Kaylen are making a name for themselves in this industry, by being environmentally conscious and doing it right. Most recently they have begun reducing the waste impact of lumber production by using the byproducts and selling additive and dye free mulch, produced in Central Newfoundland and sold at their location in St. John’s. Check out their video here

To learn more about Firewood Factory NL’s products and services, contact Luke and Kaylen or drop by for a visit.
(709) 769-3333
Message them on Facebook
810 Torbay Rd, St. John’s, NL


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