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RFP: Developing Net Zero Pathways for Canada’s Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

The objective of this project is to develop pathways for Canada’s offshore oil and gas industry to achieve net zero (or better) greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, as committed to by Canada and Newfoundland and Labrador, in a manner that achieves maximum economic growth and diversification for local industry.

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Questions and Answers

All questions received and answers provided related to the RFP are made available below. Questions are not attributed to individuals or proponents.

In your current RFP you mention a model will be provided. Can you provide insight into what this would look like? As you can appreciate, some organizations may have a model that they normally use.
As there are different methodologies that can be used to evaluate the economic and environmental costs/benefits associated with specific technologies or processes, it is ideal that this project use models that have already been established and are currently in use. This will ensure consistency within the ecosystem, reduce duplication, and ensure subsequent comparisons are ‘apples to apples’. The successful bidder will provide the appropriate inputs (e.g. capital costs, operating costs, abated GHG emissions, carbon price avoidance, etc.) and use the provided model to perform analysis. Guidance will be provided to ensure that that all parties are comfortable with the model’s use and its outputs.

There is no one standard model that will be provided to the consultants? Is it up to the consultant to choose an appropriate model as part of the methodology and use that along with relevant inputs to do the analysis?
There is one standard model that will be provided to the consultant. The consultant will not choose their own model.

Based on the model’s inputs, the cost to obtain the necessary input data could be different and would affect the overall price point of the proposal.
Inputs for the model will include: capital costs; operating costs; greenhouse gasses (GHGs) abated; and carbon pricing costs avoided as compared to the status quo. We are unable to provide explicit details on the modeling to be employed at this time; as such we recommend that proponents attribute a value per unit of time spent to satisfy the data points required by the model. This can be scaled as needed, and will ensure that responses to the RFP are comparable. Note that proponents will not be expected to generate the required data; data will be provided by third parties or identified as not available and prioritized for future investigation accordingly.

Is all work required to be completed within Canada?

Does the final deliverable include a presentation? As stated in the RFP it says the final report will be accompanied by a knowledge mobilization strategy.
The final deliverable does not include a formal presentation, but the successful proponent will be expected to communicate their final report to the project managers in detail.

What type of emission source (Scope 1,2 and 3) is the Roadmap expected to cover?
The roadmap is primarily expected to cover Scope 1 and 2 emissions. There may be activities that some might consider as being Scope 3 (e.g. marine transportation) which will be addressed on a case by case basis.

Is the payment reimbursable or lump sum?
The payment schedule will be negotiated with the successful proponent.

What is the expected granularity of the emission source? (asset based/equipment based etc.)
The project will aim to be as specific as is reasonably possible, recognizing that there are many variables. Specific decisions on the level of granularity required will be made on a case-by-case basis depending on priorities that are established in conjunction with the project managers.


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