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Contrary to the Canadian standard, there is no mitigation hierarchy referenced in current Newfoundland and Labrador development policies as they relate to wetlands. The mitigation hierarchy advocates – through the course of a development – for avoidance of wetlands, minimization of disturbances, and as a last resort a requirement of compensation for impacts. Strong wetland policy is growing in importance, particularly for regions under development pressures, such as the Northeast Avalon. This region is becoming highly urbanized, and remaining wetlands must be protected and valued to ensure they will continue to contribute to stormwater management, water quality, wildlife habitat, and the region’s biodiversity. As water systems do not adhere to municipal boundaries, provincial leadership is required to ensure that all decision-makers in these regions treat wetlands in the same manner. Clear regulations and guidelines for work in and around wetlands provides consistency, predictability, and ultimately efficiency for developers.

  • Action Recommended:
    Newfoundland and Labrador to develop a modern provincial wetland policy which includes a mitigation hierarchy for wetlands that provide important ecological functions and/or are located near areas under development pressures.


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