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Pilot Projects

Supporting local firms by engaging their products and services through pilot projects will allow firms to acquire the necessary real-world feedback, experience, and clientele needed to bring their product or services to market. Lead customers provide credibility, validate products, attract private sector investment, and accelerate market adoption. Government lead customers are especially desirable as they provide firms with the reference projects and customer name recognition that is required to enter new markets – particularly internationally.

Given Newfoundland and Labrador’s remote location and distance to large markets, it has the opportunity to become a leader in dealing with the environmental challenges brought on by this geography and in providing solutions for industries working within that context. Partnering on pilot projects will help support innovative approaches to these challenges and the export of successful products and services to regions facing similar challenges.

  • Action Recommended:
    Newfoundland and Labrador to ensure legislative and policy framework allows for – and encourages – the use of pilot projects for local products and services.


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