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Environmental Assessment

The current environmental assessment (EA) path proponents navigate has proven to be inconsistent. The crown is often unable to meet its own legislated EA timelines, and often without the compulsory notice or explanation. The unreliability of the process introduces an element of risk to business planning, and does not reward firms who are investing in the green economy through developing EA expertise and strategy. There has been a reluctance to adopt more modern EA standards and procedures which are tried and tested in other jurisdictions.

  • Action Recommended:
    Newfoundland and Labrador to adhere to legislated timelines or amend regulations to reflect timelines the province can meet, allowing the proponent to adequately plan for a project.

  • Action Recommended:
    Newfoundland and Labrador to consult with industry and adopt more modern environmental assessment policies and procedures, with those tried and tested in other jurisdictions given priority.


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