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Consumer Incentives

An important approach in stimulating environmental awareness and green economy growth is by providing consumers with appropriate incentives to make choices that are environmentally and economically sound. Incentives can help break consumer habits and transform markets, and can range from encouraging the use of local products, to driving energy efficient technologies, to supporting the purchase or use of more environmentally friendly transportation. Dis-incentives, such as higher taxes on damaging products or services, or additional fees for environmentally un-friendly choices, are also important in transforming markets.

  • Action Recommended:
    Newfoundland and Labrador to conduct a cross-jurisdictional scan to identify incentives and dis-incentives used elsewhere which serve to (1) protect, mitigate damage to, or enhance the natural environment; and/or (2) support the growth of the local green economy.

  • Action Recommended:
    Newfoundland and Labrador to implement appropriate environmental incentives and dis-incentives.


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