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Consultation with Industry

A thriving green economy requires government intervention to aid in market development and transformation. The green economy can be particularly impacted by decisions related to business development and support, environmental protection and mitigation, and resource development. Close relationships between industry and (1) the Department of Business, Trade, Culture, and Rural Development; (2) the Department of Environment and Conservation; (3) the Office of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency; and (4) the Department of Natural Resources are required to grow the sector.

Industry must have significant opportunity to engage decision-makers and provide input on policies, regulations, strategies, and frameworks which have – or could potentially have – environmental and economic outcomes. A lack of communication, even between departmental lines, can result in policies which do not reflect the needs of local firms or do not consider economic development opportunities in the green economy. Innovative firms need an innovative and agile policy framework to succeed. Ongoing consultation with industry is required to provide such a framework.

  • Action Recommended:
    Newfoundland and Labrador’s relevant departments and offices to consult with the environmental industry on an ongoing basis in the development of policy, regulation, and growth strategy.

  • Action Recommended:
    Newfoundland and Labrador to leverage environmental sector expertise found in its institutions, e.g. the Environmental Policy Institute at Memorial University’s Grenfell Campus, and the Marine Institute.

  • Action Recommended:
    Newfoundland and Labrador, and its crown agencies, to consult extensively with industry in the development of future benefits agreements and major project contracts, with a priority towards long term sector development.


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