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NEWS RELEASE: Aker Solutions Canada Inc. Goes Carbon Neutral

Newfoundland and Labrador Innovative Green Technology company Sharp Management Ltd. is proud to announce that Aker Solutions Canada is the latest company to offset its carbon footprint by purchasing carbon offsets to eliminate the carbon footprint of its three Canadian offices.

Aker Solutions Canada has adopted a sustainable environmental program to reduce and eliminate its carbon emissions from its Canadian offices. The forward-looking leader in the Canadian oil & gas industry has been reducing greenhouse gas emissions in all its operations. Those that can’t be reduced are being eliminated by purchasing Carbon Offsets.

Aker Solutions Canada has completed its internal evaluation through a Scope 1 & 2 evaluation of its Carbon Footprint with training support from Climate Smart sponsored by The St. John’s Board of Trade. Aker Solutions Canada will be purchasing 95 Carbon Offsets to eliminate 95 tonnes of CO2 emissions as calculated as their carbon footprint from their two offices in St. John’s Newfoundland & Labrador, and their office in Edmonton Alberta for the year 2018. Further they are committing to continue this forward in the years to come.

Sharp Management an international leader in the design of engineered wetlands, is the first and only firm in this province to sell CSA certified Carbon Offsets, allowing NL firms to take steps toward social and environmental stewardship. Sharp Management’s President Glenn Sharp P. Eng states; “As our teenage children illustrated during their world-wide strike from school last week, we are not doing enough to reverse the undeniable global impacts of Climate Change. I would like to congratulate Aker Solutions for showing leadership in eliminating their pollution created from their offices and show we can take individual action to offset climate change pollution.”

“I am very proud to provide Newfoundland individuals and companies an opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint through carbon offsets generated right here from award winning green engineered wetlands located in Stephenville, Appleton-Glenwood and Bishop Falls. These engineered wetlands clean sewage wastewater using only plants and soils with no moving parts and no electricity.”

“We would never throw our garbage out our car windows, but we continue to drive our cars puffing out carbon pollution every time we turn them on without seeing this as pollution, but it is, but now we can do something about it. We all have a carbon footprint, but anyone and everyone can purchase carbon offsets to eliminate their cars pollution, a holiday down south or your companies energy consumption.”

To purchase offsets and become carbon neutral contact us directly through Sharp Management website at: or by email at or

Join Aker Solutions and Sharp Management for the official announcement on Friday, March 22nd at 2:30pm at Aker’s St. John’s office at 215 Water Street, Suite 511 Atlantic Place.



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