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Newleef 2017 highlights clean technology advancements and opportunities in NL, focuses in on environmental regulatory framework

ST. JOHN’s, NL – Newleef 2017 took place on from October 11-12. Newleef is the premier event in Newfoundland and Labrador for business-owners, entrepreneurs, environmental professionals, academics, decision-makers, and public servants to converge and discuss green economic growth ideas, opportunities, and issues across many of the province’s sectors – from mining, to forestry, to oil and gas, to the fishery, to energy, and beyond.

Clean Technology

“There is an enormous opportunity right now for firms in Newfoundland and Labrador who are engaged in clean technology activities,” said Kieran Hanley, NEIA’s Executive Director. “The development and/or adoption of clean technologies are important components in Canada’s efforts to meet its climate change and environmental objectives,” says Hanley, noting that each of the province’s key industries – from oil and gas, to aquaculture, to forestry, etc. – are ripe for clean technology. Newleef 2017 featured presentations on clean technology funding sources, how adoption can help increase efficiencies for business, and highlighted various new clean technologies emerging from Newfoundland and Labrador.

Environmental Regulatory Framework

The conference also featured an interactive session examining opportunities for improving the environmental regulatory framework in the province. “The province has committed tor reviewing and updating environmental assessment and permitting processes during this fiscal year, and so we are doing our part to provide recommendations from the private sector professionals working within the systems,” said Hanley. Hanley noted that this session was the third round of engagement NEIA has undertaken with its membership, and that he anticipates having comprehensive and specific recommendations when its consultations are completed.

Offshore Wind Energy

Newleef 2017 also featured a session focusing on the offshore wind energy potential in Newfoundland and Labrador. Presentations included a panel discussion on economic impacts, discussion on the project as proposed by Atlantic Canada Offshore Developments (ACOD), and an examination of the existing regulatory framework for renewable energy activities in the ocean and what changes may be required. “There is an investor ready to spend significant dollars in this province to develop offshore wind energy, and so we believe it is important to give this opportunity a fair and objective analysis,” said Hanley, who noted NEIA is doing its part to help fill in knowledge gaps surrounding impacts, opportunities, and challenges associated with the industry.

Newleef is Newfoundland & Labrador’s green economy conference, focusing on the products, services, technologies, policies, and innovations in the province that can help build the province’s economy and protect, mitigate effects to, or even enhance the natural environment in the process. More information on Newleef 2017 can be found at

NEIA is a not-for-profit association of businesses that promotes the development of clean technology and the growth of the green economy in Newfoundland and Labrador. NEIA has over 200 members. More information can be found at


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