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Newfoundland and Labrador Clean Tech company is gaining significant attention in the Caribbean!

November 27, 2017 | Written By: Matt Rumboldt

NEIA member and clean technology company Wetland Treatment Solutions Ltd. (WTS) is quickly becoming a leader in innovative technologies for waste management.

SWMCOL Guanapo Landfill Leachate Pilot – WTS & Enman (JV)

Wetland Treatment Solutions was given the opportunity on November 16th, 2017, to give The Canadian High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago – Her excellency Carla Hogan Rufelds, a tour of their Leachate Treatment Pilot Project at the Guanapo Landfill in Trinidad.

Under the assumption that few people know what “Leachate” means – Leachate refers to the liquids percolating through the landfill site that has extracted the soluble and suspended components of the waste. Still don’t understand? Well, the important thing is that it takes the bad things out and puts the good stuff back into the environment.

WTS, formerly know as Oceans-EWS, is a long time member of NEIA and is a veteran company when it comes to participating in NEIA’s Trade Missions to the Caribbean, especially to the region of Trinidad and Tobago. WTS has had great success, being renowned for exporting their innovative clean technologies in waste management. This specific project in the Guanapo Landfill is part of a pilot project that was installed under contract for SWMCOL (Solid Waste Management Company of Trinidad & Tobago Ltd).

Opening handshake with SWMCOL CEO, Mr.Roach and President of WTS Mr. Sharp

Glenn Sharp, P.Eng, President of WTS, said that he is “excited about the potential of exporting clean innovative technology designed in this province to the Caribbean and is looking forward to the further uptake of our patented and trademarked MSR@ systems.” WTS’ system provides a lower cost, more environmentally friendly treatment option when compared with other mechanical treatment systems.

This is the first time a system like theirs has been used in the Caribbean and, given the success and attention it has generated, it indicates that the process could be replicated at other landfill sites in the country and across the region.

Newfoundland and Labrador companies have been instrumental in the development and implementation of clean technologies in waste management in the Caribbean, especially in Trinidad. WTS is very proud to be exporting to Trinidad and Tobago, their innovative and environmentally responsible clean technology solution from Newfoundland and Labrador.

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Team shot with SWMCOL members involved in pilot project with High Commissioner of Canada to Trinidad and Tobago, Her Excellency Carla Hogan Ruffles


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