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National Environmental Campaign Looking for Support to Enhance Community Engagement

NOTE: This opportunity has expired or is an event which has already taken place.

My Clean City is a multi-pillar campaign working at a national level to collaborate with existing environmental organizations in an effort to enhance community engagement in local programs. They are currently looking for organizations throughout Canada that are already focused on green solutions. Participating organizations are given the opportunity to highlight one signature environmental program that they have to offer the community.

For example, a planned clean-up or tree-planting event. The program chosen will be promoted throughout the entirety of My Clean City as a local challenge which the participants will be encouraged to partake in. Using a unique incentive model, My Clean City will make participating in the challenges and taking acts to live more environmentally friendly, fun for the users. For every completed challenge, the participants earn points and they can continue to accumulate these points as they partake in various environmental actions throughout the campaign. At the end of My Clean City, the participants in each city that have earned the most points, hence had the largest impact in their community, will receive scholarships.

Overall, My Clean City has two main objectives. First is the more obvious goal of the initiative: to reduce Canada’s carbon footprint. The second is a benefit to the collaborating organizations. By highlighting local programs, My Clean City enhances community awareness of existing local environmental resources and works to provide active participants and new volunteers to the partnering organizations. It is important to note, My Clean City does not set out to be another environmental organization. They merely strive to act as a catalyst for Canadians to discover organizations already in their communities.

My Clean City strives to make collaboration as easy as possible for its partners. Essentially, aside from saying yes and indicating the program of choice to highlight in the campaign, all that is needed from the organizations is down the road confirmation of participation from the users during My Clean City, just to unsure that the people trying to claim points on the website have really earned them.

Organizations that are interested in being a partner and having their events supported by My Clean City, or anyone seeking more information, can contact the organization at or they can directly contact Emma Power, a regional manager of the program for Newfoundland and Labrador at

Organizations can also get involved by donating to My Clean City through their Indigogo campaign (link). The funds collected through Indigogo will be used to award My Clean City participants with scholarships and grants so they can continue to make a difference in their own communities. Individuals or organizations that donate will have the opportunity to be recognized by My Clean City according to their contribution.


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