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MMSB Backyard Composting Program for Municipalities

NOTE: This opportunity has expired or is an event which has already taken place.

Organic waste makes up at least 30% of our total waste stream. Reducing the amount of organic waste that goes to the landfill will save your municipality money, time, and resources; will save physical space and lengthen the useful life of landfills; and will also greatly reduce your town’s carbon footprint.

With emerging modern waste management facilities and practices, come changes to the way we think about waste in Newfoundland and Labrador. Considering this, MMSB would like to help your municipality reduce the amount of waste going to the curb, and ultimately save you money. The Multi-Materials Stewardship Board (MMSB) is researching the feasibility of once again procuring a bulk order of compost bins on behalf of municipalities in the province, and would like to invite your town to participate in this worthwhile opportunity. If sufficient demand is received, this program will involve the sale of subsidized compost bins directly to municipalities in the province, partnered with an education program for residents.

If sufficient demand is received to move forward with this program, MMSB will proceed to issue a tender for a bulk order. Regardless of the tender price, this program will involve the sale of subsidized bins to municipalities at a rate of $21.99 per bin plus HST (inclusive of shipping and handling). In order to participate, there will be a minimum order size of 50 units (orders will be accepted in increments of 50). The average compost bin retails between $50 and $100, meaning a 50 bin order would normally cost at least $2500 plus HST. With this offer, your town can receive the same order for only $1100. If your municipality subsequently sells all 50 bins to residents for the same price of $21.99, this program ultimately costs very little to implement, and will save your municipality money.

As part of this offering, MMSB has designed a composting training program for you to deliver to interested residents. MMSB will commit to training a designated official from your community to deliver this program. Once a community official is chosen and prepared, your municipality will then be responsible for advertising and delivering a training session to answer some of the frequently asked questions and dispel many of the myths around composting, with the goal of making it as easy as possible for residents to participate. Delivering this program will ensure that those who purchase the bins become committed users who actively divert their backyard-compostable waste.

If your municipality is interested in participating in this program, please contact Ashley Burke at 753-0958 or via email at Request forms have to be submitted it to MMSB by Friday, February 15th 2013. Once we determine the feasibility of proceeding, we will notify you on the status of your order.

Do something great for our environment and save money while doing it. Don’t miss this opportunity!


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