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Opportunity for members interested in showcasing their northern / harsh environment capabilities at MASS14

ADIANL is holding its second annual Maritime and Arctic Security & Safety Conference (MASS14) on October 28-30, 2014, at the Delta St. John’s Conference Centre.

NEIA is partnering with ADIANL to provide an opportunity to NEIA members to showcase their northern / harsh environment capabilities. NEIA member technologies and/or capabilities may be directly relevant to ongoing or planned arctic initiatives – or could even ‘off-set’ opportunities associated with Canadian defense related projects.

NEIA would work with interested members to provide exposure to their activities and work with ADIANL to help firms make connections with potential customers / partners.

Please contact Abbie Lacey ( with your interest.

About Canada’s Industrial and Regional Benefit Program (IRBs)

Canadian defense related projects are often included in Canada’s Industrial and Regional Benefit Program (IRBs).

What are IRBs?

  • They are contractual commitments that state “For every dollar paid by Canada for a new military product or service, the seller owes the Canadian economy a similar value in economic and industrial benefits.”
  • IRBs are business activities in Canada undertaken by prime contractors as a result of successfully bidding on a Canadian defence procurement.
  • There are two types of IRBs
    • Direct IRBs give you an opportunity to provide goods, services and/or long term service support directly related to the items being procured by the government.
    • Indirect IRBs are activities which are not directly related to the procured item. Work within the IRB contractors other business lines , which meet the IRB eligibility criteria, is considered indirect.

How do IRBs work?

  • The prime contractor determines the mix of direct and indirect that makes the best business sense.
  • IRB policies are mandatory for projects over $100 million (Major Crown Projects) and discretionary in the $2 – $100 million range.
  • Industry Canada and ACOA develop IRB Strategies specific to each procurement process.
  • Multipliers of up to x5 for IRBs often apply for educational institutions. Multipliers can be as high as x9 for R&D and commercialization.
  • A minimum of 30% of IRB activities are identified at the time of the prime contractor’s bid submission. Within 1 year of contract award a minimum of 60% of total IRB activities must be identified. The remaining 40% must be identified within 3 years of contract award

Why should I care?

  • Large contractors may buy your products or services, invest in new technologies and/or help you export, in order to meet their IRB Commitments.
  • IRB obligations may make it easier for your firm to enter the supply chain on some projects.
  • Large contractors may invest in your technology to help commercialization it benefiting educational institutions and R&D companies.

About the Maritime and Arctic Security & Safety Conference (MASS14)

Given the Newfoundland and Labrador geographic fix as the maritime gateway to North America and one of the pathways to the Arctic, coupled with our historic association with maritime and aerial security operations, we believe that NL is strategically positioned to assume a leadership role in maritime and arctic security technologies, services and operations. Local industry interest and confidence in Maritime and Arctic security opportunities is reinforced by the November 2012 Gov NL Resolution to develop an Action Plan with the goal of further positioning Newfoundland and Labrador as a leader in Arctic-related activities.

ADIANL will hold its second annual Maritime and Arctic Security & Safety Conference (MASS14), 28 – 30 October 2014, at the Delta St. John’s Conference Centre. The 2014 conference theme: “Maritime & Arctic Innovation,” links with the Gov NL “Innovation Lives Here” campaign. MASS is being established as an annual international “Go-To” event here in NL to support and promote our local industry, technologies, research and development, and world-class educational institutions.

Following on from a very successful MAS13, we will assemble a diverse group representing industry, all levels of government, Northern Leaders, National Defence, the Canadian Coast Guard and the United States Coast Guard, featuring prominent individuals with responsibility, direct involvement or connection with the conference theme. Notable invitees and confirmed speakers include representation from Canadian Space Agency (CSA), Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) and the Canadian Association of Defence Industries Association (CADSI).

In addition to presentations and panel discussions, a trade show component will serve to highlight and promote the wide range of NL resident technologies, capabilities and services related to the arctic, marine and harsh weather environments.

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