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Information on Federal Procurement

The federal government is one of the largest buyers of goods and services in Canada. Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) manages over 75% of the $18 billion of procurement that is on average awarded annually by the federal government.

Small and medium enterprises (SME) represent more than 99% of businesses in Canada. On average, SMEs win around 45% of the $13 billion of procurement awarded annually by PWGSC to suppliers in Canada.

Selling to the federal government is easier now that tender opportunities and related open procurement data are available at a single location on

Better results for industry and for government

Making sure that government buyers and suppliers are talking about needs and potential solutions as early as possible in the procurement process is helping improve procurement outcomes. PWGSC buyers consult with suppliers on upcoming procurements in a variety of ways such as Industry Days, Webinars, Working Groups and Requests for Information. The feedback that is received helps shape the bid solicitations used to procure the actual goods and services.

The path to better procurement is being forged by PWGSC’s Smart Procurement initiative and its guiding pillars: Engaging industry early; Ensuring effective governance; Seeking independent advice; and, Considering benefits for Canadians. Transforming procurement systems and tools through digital technology is also playing a key role and is well underway with where federal bid solicitations are published.

Improving ways of buying

Industry feedback helps PWGSC develop procurement strategies for commonly purchased goods and services and to develop tools such as the Centralized Professional Services System ePortal serving buyers and suppliers of professional services. It also enables PWGSC to develop better buying tools such as Standing Offers and Supply Arrangements for frequently purchased goods and services.

Want to receive constructive feedback and advice to improve your bidding strategy? Read about PWGSC’s new and free “Learning from Bids” service.

Supporting innovation

Created to support innovation in Canada’s business sector, the Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) helps companies bridge the pre-commercialization gap by procuring and testing late stage innovative goods and services within the federal government before they are taken to market. BCIP targets innovations in the areas of Environment; Safety and security; Health; and, Enabling technologies. BCIP also has a military component. Check out the innovations at BCIP.

Ensuring your voice is heard

PWGSC Acquisitions is working with national associations and their members through the PWGSC Supplier Advisory Committee. The Committee’s goal is to bring potential improvements to government procurement and to enhance understanding of supply and demand.

Give OSME your views

PWGSC’s Office of Small and Medium Enterprises (OSME) across Canada can meet with you to discuss your experience with government procurement and hear your views on how to make federal procurement more accessible to you or members of your organization. Access OSME’s free services such as seminars, webinars and one-on-one sessions to better understand the procurement process and how to bid on government tenders.

OSME’s six regional offices across Canada are eager to help suppliers learn more about how to do business with the Government of Canada.

Did you know…

… that the Government of Canada’s new Defence Procurement Strategy includes early and continuous industry engagement? Find out how the Strategy will enhance industry’s understanding of future operational requirements of the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Coast Guard, and the government’s understanding of Canadian industry’s capabilities to provide these needs.

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