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Industry-led Electronic Waste Stewardship Plan Approved by Province

From the Department of Environment and Conservation:

The Multi-Materials Stewardship Board (MMSB) announced today approval of an industry-led electronic waste stewardship plan for the management of certain electronic wastes (e-waste) in the province. The plan is set to launch on August 1, 2013, and will divert items such as computers, televisions, DVD players, printers and other types of e-waste from Newfoundland and Labrador’s landfills.

“Electronic waste contains potentially hazardous materials that can pose environmental threats if not properly disposed of in a responsible manner,” said the Honourable Tom Hedderson, Minister Responsible for the MMSB. “The electronic waste recycling program will allow residents, businesses and governments of all levels to properly manage their e-waste and advance the province a step forward in achieving the 50 per cent goal of waste reduction in the Provincial Waste Management Strategy.”

It is estimated that more than 2,600 tonnes of e-waste is generated annually in Newfoundland and Labrador. This program will see manufacturers take responsibility for their products, manage the end-of-life disposal and take an active role in waste diversion in the province.

“We have been working with electronics manufacturers to help them take a leadership role in handling the treatment of their products after their useful life,” said Mike Samson, Chief Executive Officer of the MMSB. “By having manufacturers take responsibility for their products – from development to disposal – they will increasingly think of ways to redesign their products to be more environmentally friendly, more cost efficient and easier to recycle.”

The approved plan was submitted by Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA), an electronics industry organization that currently is operational in six provinces across Canada.

“Building on the success of Electronic Products Recycling Association programs across Canada, we look forward to launching a government approved and industry-led electronic waste recycling program in Newfoundland and Labrador on August 1, 2013,” said Cliff Hacking, President and CEO, Electronic Products Recycling Association. “EPRA Newfoundland and Labrador is committed to working in partnership with manufacturers, retailers, provincial and municipal government, and consumers to ensure end-of-life electronics are diverted from landfills, and efficiently and responsibly recycled.”

Additional information regarding the Electronic Waste Stewardship Plan is provided in the backgrounder below.

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