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In-Depth with Indigena

June 19, 2017 | Written By: Matt Rumboldt

Indigena was born from President and CEO, Lisa Walsh’s desire to provide an exceptional skincare experience, right here in Newfoundland and Labrador. Indigena uses indigenous ingredients from our provinces remote and clean ecosystem.

Indigena’s research and development team have identified and extracted compounds for rich antioxidant, right here at home that work effectively on age prevention, acne and sensitive skin issues. Lisa Walsh B.A.,B.Ed, spends her day working closely with Indigena’s production team, formulating innovative products, overseeing marketing, visiting her clients, sourcing cruelty free ingredients and foraging Newfoundland’s land and sea for plants that contribute to Indigena’s unique formulas.

With such a busy schedule, Lisa still finds time to take online questions from her customers about her business and uses Indigena’s social media channels to share the answers. We’ve decided to take some of the top questions and include them here so everyone can get a greater sense of Indigena as a business, the passion and love behind the company and what Indigena represents.

Lisa Walsh, CEO Indigena Skincare

Why is scientific research so important to you?

“Research is the foundation to our core brand promise to offer indigenous ingredients that effectively improve the skin better than readily mass produced extracts or artificial ingredients.

Its not enough to just make products and not understand the chemical reactions between the ingredients. We have always spent the time and money to ensure that we have researched which ingredients work, what temperature is best to protect the antioxidants in the product mixtures as they are formulated and which ones are considered “boreal super fruit ” National Research Council was integral in this research as was Research and Development Corporation of Newfoundland. We have the most IP of any cosmetic company East of Montreal.”

What is the creative process behind the design and packaging of Indigena products?

“Ultimately products need to solve a problem, have a purpose and delight the customer with the results consistently. They also need to be pretty, visually appealing and have a strong shelf presence. I think a package that inspires relaxation and happiness is what I strive for.

The ingredients have a large creative space in my mind when designing packaging. It took a lot of consultation with experts and 5 people over the course of 15 months to conceptualize and bring to fruition the Fresh Collection currently available in grocery, pharmacy and retail. It was a team effort to cohesively brand these products for the market distribution channel we chose to promote them in. We focused on our indigenous ingredients because we are selling the Newfoundland and Labrador experience through our products.”

These are a few examples of the questions Indigena’s customers asked, if you want to see more of them, check out Indigena’s social networks here:

Do you have a question for Lisa about Indigena? reach out to them on Facebook or Twitter. to learn more about their products, see the information below.

Indigena Skincare
1 (709) 240 -2213
2390 Topsail Road
Conception Bay South, Newfoundland
A1W 2H2


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