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Harnessing The Power Of Water And Wind From Your Backpack

August 10, 2017 | Written By: Matt Rumboldt

NEIA member Seaformatics Systems Inc. have developed and launched a smaller version of their hydroelectric turbine technology for the everyday consumer.

Introducing The WaterLily

The WaterLily is a rising star in hydroelectric project’s and for a low cost that the average consumer can get behind. It’s also small enough to fit inside your backpack and be transported with you anywhere. The WaterLily is the latest product from Seaformatics Systems Inc., a St. John’s-based company that aims to commercialize power-harnessing and wireless-communication technology for use in the subsea market that was developed through a research and development project at Memorial University.

the Waterlily uses water current or wind to generate 5V power output for charging USB devices via a direct charging cord that measures 12 feet. A quick-moving river or winds of 36 kilometres per hour, for instance, will charge a smartphone in 2 1/2 hours.

Seaformatics is also developing a towing kit for canoes and kayaks, a hand crank for emergency situations when wind or water is not available, and a bike mount to get the best results from wind driven force.

Check out the video for The Waterlily here

Commercializing their original technology Sealily was difficult due to the risk associated with market costs in data collection reaching into the hundreds of thousands, if not millions. In order to have market buyers invest in new technology, to avoid the risk of losing money or data, Seaformatics decided to build a miniature version of their technology into a functioning tool that would appeal to the outdoor enthusiast market. This initiative was put in place to develop the capital required to build the larger demos and get them into their clients hands.

The Waterlily was born and the interest was immediate. A Facebook video of the prototype — gained well over 20,000 views on the first day. Media soon caught wind (and water) of the product and after it went viral on a popular science and technology website, Discovery Channel featured it on an episode of Daily Planet.

Since then the orders began pouring in for The WaterLily, with at least 600 pre-orders at a discounted rate or $159.00.

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