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Funding available for the Green Team Program

NOTE: This opportunity has expired or is an event which has already taken place.

Since 1993, the Conservation Corps Newfoundland and Labrador’s Green Team Program has provided financial support and guidance to community based projects that have involved the enhancement, restoration, and sustainable development of our natural and cultural resources.

Community Partners

Community Partners are eligible to receive funding and assistance from the Conservation Corps associated with hiring youth to work on their proposed community project. For projects accepted under the Green Team Program the Conservation Corps will:

  • provide assistance and advice for setting up your project;
  • hire a Regional Supervisor to be the main liaison between you and the Conservation Corps — this person will oversee your project as well as other projects within a particular geographical region of the province;
  • hire youth from the local area to form a Green Team;
  • provide training and orientation for the Regional Supervisor and the Green Team;
  • help identify and ensure that the Green Team receives project-specific training;
  • administer the wages and benefits for the Regional Supervisor and Green Team;
  • be responsible for all personnel matters throughout the summer including hiring, discipline and evaluation;
  • provide funding for 85% of Green Team costs (wages, benefits, training & travel).

Community Partner Funding

The cost of running a Green Team project is approximately $24,000 (2011-2012 figures). Successful Community Partners must commit 12.5% of this cost ($3,000) as well as materials and supplies needed for the project; the Conservation Corps, with financial support from the Department of Human Resources, Labour and Employment provides the other 87.5% ($21,000). In the Corporate Green Team program, business partners sponsor their own Team or support one in an otherwise unfunded community project.

Application Criteria For Community Partners

The Conservation Corps searches for projects that meet the following criteria; involve the enhancement, restoration and sustainable development of natural or cultural resources; provide young people with an opportunity to develop leadership, teamwork and employment skills; and demonstrate broad community / regional support and partnerships. Successful projects are those that provide opportunities for teamwork, creative thinking and problem solving and which contribute to long-term sustainable development in the region. Participants should gain solid skills through meaningful community work. Community partnerships and contributions are important as well, and are taken into account when reviewing proposals.

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