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Funding available for installation of fast-charging infrastructure for electric vehicles

NOTE: This opportunity has expired or is an event which has already taken place.

The Government of Canada is now accepting project proposals for funding consideration under the Electric Vehicle and Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Deployment Initiative.

Nearly one quarter of Canada’s GHG emissions come from transportation, which is primarily fueled using carbon intensive fuels (i.e. gasoline and diesel). Early action to support fuel switching is needed in order for Canada to meet its GHG reduction goals; the fuels and technologies deployed today will determine the mix of technologies on the road in 2030.

Uptake of lower carbon transportation options has been limited due to both financial and non-financial barriers that include the lack of policies, high incremental costs, low consumer awareness and confidence, and lack of recharging and refueling infrastructure.

Natural gas trucks, electric cars and a limited number of hydrogen-powered electric vehicles are currently commercially available and most major vehicle manufacturers have announced plans to bring more to market over the next decade; however the inability to refuel/recharge along key transportation corridors is a key barrier to the uptake of lower carbon transportation options by consumers.

To that end, in Budget 2016, the Government of Canada committed to supporting the deployment of infrastructure for fast-charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, natural gas and hydrogen refueling stations.

Eligible Recipients

Eligible Recipients are:

Individuals and legal entities validly incorporated or registered in Canada including not-for-profit and for-profit organizations such as:

  • Electricity or gas utilities
  • Companies
  • Industry associations
  • Research associations
  • Standards organizations
  • Indigenous and community groups
  • Canadian academic institutions
  • Provincial, territorial, regional or municipal governments or their departments or agencies where applicable

International legal entities validly incorporated or registered abroad including for-profit and not-for- profit organizations such as:

  • Companies
  • Industry associations
  • Research associations
  • Standards organizations
  • Academic institutions.

Eligible Projects

In order to be considered for funding, Projects must be for the permanent installation of new, publically accessible electric vehicle fast-charging units or natural gas or hydrogen fueling pumps, serving on-road vehicles. Retrofitting or replacing existing infrastructure will not be considered for funding under this Initiative.

The technology used by approved Projects must be rated for outdoor operation by a nationally recognized testing laboratory, including CSA, ULC or other and bear certification marks approved by the relevant Authority Having Jurisdiction where the Project is to be located, when applicable.


The deadline for proposals is by July 8, 2016. Click here for more information on the NRCAN website.


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