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Electric cars a sound investment for the City of St. John’s

For Immediate Release
March 30, 2015

ST. JOHN’S, NL – The Newfoundland and Labrador Environmental Industry Association (NEIA) is supporting the City of St. John’s in its purchase of two electric vehicles for parking enforcement. City councillors will vote this evening on whether it will accept the Deputy City Manager’s recommendation to award an RFP for 2 cars, 5 public and 2 private charging stations.

“This will create value for the taxpayers of the City of St. John’s,” says Ted Lomond, Executive Director of NEIA. “The business case for these vehicles is sound. The efficiency of the electric car in the role the city intends to use them is well documented in other municipalities across Canada, and in fact the world.”

Lomond notes that the city should achieve a reduction in fuel consumption and maintenance costs by switching to the electric cars. Electric vehicles cost about $2.00 to drive 100km. Even a brand new compact car uses 7 litres on average or more fuel per 100km. At gas prices of $1.00 per litre, that represents a cost of $7.00 to drive 100km. Enforcement officers are driving city vehicles all day long and accumulate significant mileage. “The energy savings per vehicle are considerable,” says Lomond. “In addition, electric vehicles have less moving parts and components then fossil fuel vehicles and require no oil or filter changes – meaning less maintenance.”

Lomond says the move is supported by the province’s decision in February to fund the installation of 5 residential and 14 commercial electric vehicle charging stations throughout the province. “The government of Newfoundland and Labrador sees the value of electric vehicles operating in the province and is contributing to developing the appropriate infrastructure,” says Lomond. “Their leadership on this front is to be commended, and the City of St. John’s should be applauded for the initiation of this pilot project to test the suitability of the technology for their fleet.”

Lomond notes that that – aside from the clear economic advantages of electric vehicles – there are important environmental advantages. “Electric vehicles are particularly well suited for our province.” When Muskrat Falls begins operations, 98% of Newfoundland and Labrador’s energy will be derived from renewable resources.

“Electric vehicles will produce no emissions while on the road, and will be charged by a renewable energy source. This is an opportunity we must explore and support. ”

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