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E.D. BLOG: Offshore wind energy and the opportunity for NL firms

October 8, 2019 | Written By: Kieran Hanley

Three years ago NEIA led an exploratory trade mission to an offshore wind energy conference in Hamburg. Anecdotally we had understood that the supply chain for this industry was vast – and quite similar in many ways to that of our offshore oil and gas industry. But it was hard to truly grasp this until we saw it for ourselves, at the world’s largest exhibition for the industry’s supply chain participants.

We were floored.

Coming back to NL, we knew it was important to explore this further. Understanding that the offshore wind energy industry was continuing to rapidly grow internationally, if the skillsets and expertise did indeed align with some of what we had in NL as we expected, this represented a significant opportunity for firms in our province to diversify through entering a new industry and new international markets.

Through some research, our initial thoughts proved to have a lot of merit. In the meantime, since 2016, a number of NL firms have made the leap quite successfully into offshore wind (see here, here, and here for just a few examples) to give us some practical case studies of success.

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NEIA has been busy designing programming to assist firms in exploring and pursuing the offshore wind energy industry. We have been looking at different areas of oceans industry expertise, and charting supply chain penetration strategies for each. With all of this information in hand, we will be assisting a select number of firms – providing them with comprehensive one-on-one supports to develop firm-specific approaches to diversify their business.

If you have an interest in learning more, at our Newleef conference next week we are holding a workshop to provide information on what we have learned thus far, and details on how we can help interested firms in exploring further.

But reaching back into our own experience in 2016, nothing beats seeing some of this up close. And that is why we are entertaining a business development mission to Copenhagen in late November, to help firms understand the breadth and scope of the opportunity. More details on that can be found here.

If any of this piques your interest, be sure to get in touch with our team. Or better yet… come to Newleef and we’ll chat there!

/ Kieran

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