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Coastal Zone Canada 2018 in St. John’s – Call for Abstracts

NOTE: This opportunity has expired or is an event which has already taken place.

The Organizing Committee of CZC2018 invites the submission of proposals for presentations at this international conference, which will build on previous CZCA conferences and address the broad theme of Seeking Practical Solutions to Real Issues: Communities Adapting to a Changing World.

CZC2018 will include morning keynote addresses and panel discussions to set the tone for each day, with contributed and invited paper sessions in the afternoons. While each day will be focussed around one of three sub-themes, threads woven throughout the program will provide cohesion and direction as we move towards a conference concluding statement on day four. Those linking threads may include, but are not limited to, indigenous perspectives and traditional knowledge, case studies, and the use of social media.

Sub-theme #1: Change and Challenge – Seeking New Opportunities
This sub-theme sets the stage for the conference, bringing attention to the many changes facing the coastal environment. How has change (ecological, social, economic, ecological …) impacted our understanding of, and ability to study, coastal oceans? How are we collectively meeting new challenges? What opportunities are there for effective collaboration on shared issues, and what challenges accompany the opportunities? How can we work effectively together across sectors? What role does the new Federal Ocean Protection Plan play in facilitating effective coastal management?

Sub-theme #2: Engagement and Collaboration – Examples from the Field
Collaboration has been proven to lead to favorable outcomes, but it is not sufficient simply to identify potential collaborations and collective efforts. We must find more effective ways of working together, and of engaging others in the pursuit of shared goals. How can we build strong working relationships among sectors (private, Non-governmental, government, civil society, indigenous groups…)? What is the role of citizen science in contributing to our understanding of coastal issues? What are some examples of good practice in collaborative studies? What can we learn from failed examples?

Sub-theme #3: Tools and Technologies – Practical Applications
Here, we highlight new and emerging methods of collecting and utilizing data. Discussions will revolve around the concept of existing tools and technologies that are being upgraded or reengineered for new uses, as well as around completely new technologies, including innovative uses of social media. We encourage presenters to show both the innovation and the results of its application – a demonstration of how it helps as well as of how it works.

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