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AGM 2019 – Questions, Answers, and New Business

Questions posed by NEIA members and new business arising from the 2018 Annual General Meeting (March 27-28, 2019) will be posted here. To ask a question or contribute new business, email NEIA’s Executive Director at

Only the designated representative from a voting NEIA member may ask a question or contribute new business during this process.

How is NEIA engaged in the comprehensive waste management review happening this year?
NEIA has not yet engaged on the review of the Provincial Solid Waste Management Strategy, though we certainly expect to be consulted by its Chair in due course. It is likely that as an organization we will follow a similar approach as we have in recent history in the areas of environmental assessment and renewable energy, e.g. (1) form a roundtable of NEIA members and key partners to outline preliminary industry priorities, (2) write a first draft for NEIA’s submission based on feedback from this roundtable; (3) engage each NEIA member individually with the draft submission to provide them with an opportunity to influence the final product; and (4) ‘publish’ the submission, share it with decision-makers, and use it as a starting point for advocacy and discussion. This general process has proven to be of value in the past, but we are of course open to suggestions from our membership on alternative approaches. The finished product for environmental assessment can be viewed at The renewable energy submission is in its final stages of development.

What % of directors are or have been in oil & gas sector? What do members think of that concentration on the board?
A list of NEIA’s current Board of Directors can be accessed at A list of nominees for the 2019-20 iteration of the Board can be found at As each individual’s past or present engagement with the oil and gas industry would vary considerably in terms of both the type of that engagement (e.g. product / service / environmental practitioner) and the degree of that engagement, it would be up to the reader to make a determination on % as the question could be answered in any number of different ways. It is hard to comment on what members think of this concentration, other than to say that it is the membership that votes for the Board of Directors and each member’s vote is equal in weight.


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