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Adapting to Succeed in a Lower-Carbon Economy

NOTE: This opportunity has expired or is an event which has already taken place.

As of January 2019, Newfoundland and Labrador will have in place a carbon tax. This is a mechanism that puts a price on pollution, and one that will increase on an annual basis at least up to the year 2022.

The pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is international in scale, and is likely to be a fixture in the global economy for many years to come. What does this mean for businesses in Newfoundland and Labrador where electricity prices are also expected to rise as Muskrat Falls comes online? How can businesses adapt and succeed in the lower-carbon economy?

This innovative course includes both classroom and tailored 1-on-1 learning, and equips owners, managers, and professionals in Newfoundland and Labrador’s private sector with the skills to identify opportunities within their business to address rising fuel and electricity costs.

This course is open to businesses of all sizes in all sectors.

Course Date

  • Workshop Portion: February 15, 2019
  • 1-on-1 w/ Instructor: To be decided between registrant and instructor

Course Location

  • Workshop Portion: NEIA Boardroom, 90 O’Leary Avenue, Suite 207

Course Cost

  • $475 + hst for NEIA members
  • $575 + hst for non-members

Course Description

The Adapting to Succeed in a Lower-Carbon Economy course is delivered in three phases:

Part 1 – Lower-Carbon Economy Workshop
In this 3-hour in-class workshop, the trainer will provide a high-level overview of the typical factors that can influence electricity and fuel costs within business, and general examples of how these challenges can be overcome. You will learn about the relationship between energy and carbon, including an introduction to the theory behind carbon pricing, simple tools to help you assess your business’ carbon footprint, and how to plan for cost savings. You will learn to distinguish between (1) the various provincial regulations impacting business, and (2) the mechanisms available to assist you in mitigating that impact (e.g. programming, carbon offsets, etc).
* Course material is designed specifically for the Newfoundland and Labrador context, where the challenges and opportunities associated with the lower-carbon economy differ significantly from other Canadian jurisdictions.

Part 2 – Site Visit
Following the workshop, the trainer will schedule a site-visit with you to learn more about your specific work environment to understand the specific activities and processes of your firm.

Part 3 – Identification of Opportunities
The trainer will assess the information obtained from the site visit to provide the trainee with a high-level list of potential actions the business could consider undertaking to to reduce electricity and fuel use. These suggestions will be specific to your business operations, and indicate where investigation may be warranted to assess cost-savings potential and payback periods where applicable. In addition, the trainer will provide the trainee with a list of available programming that could assist and/or support the pursuit of identified opportunities.


This course provides valuable insight for:

  • business owners and operators who have a hands-on approach;
  • managers who oversee operations, logistics, and/or equipment; and
  • professionals who want to gain a more concrete understanding of new provincial regulation and programming around emissions and energy

Course Registration

Contact Kieran Hanley at to register for this course.

About the Training Provider

Fundamental Inc. helps firms understand and effectively exploit energy efficiency and carbon emissions reductions and the associated potential for cost savings. With services including consulting, solution generation, reporting, and design, Fundamental Inc. assembles strategies that lead to real-world improvements through a process that evaluates current conditions, and assesses the costs, savings, cost-effectiveness, and market opportunities for implementing energy and emissions-reductions focused solutions.

Fundamental Inc. has expertise in the following areas:

  • Energy Focused Retrofits and Renovations – commercial, institutional, and residential
  • Strategic Asset Management – property portfolios, infrastructure, and operations
  • Energy Efficient New Home Design
  • Energy Modeling
  • LEED Consulting
  • GHG and Carbon Footprint Calculation and Reporting
  • Sustainable Master Planning for Alternative Infrastructure
    • storm water, wastewater, urban climate, wildlife biology, connectivity and transportation, integrated renewable energy

Owner and Director of Fundamental Inc., Ashley Smith, has a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Chemistry, a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering, LEED Accreditation, and 14 years’ experience in building design, community planning, and construction project management. Her background covers ecology and genetics, organic chemistry, civil engineering, town planning, urban design, building design, and project management. This combination of education and professional experience gives Ashley a unique and comprehensive approach to design, construction and problem solving.


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