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Upcoming NEIA Events

Upcoming NEIA Events

  • FEB 15
    FEBRUARY: Adapting to Succeed in a Lower-Carbon Economy

    The pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is international in scale, and is likely to be a fixture in the global economy for many years to come. What does this mean for businesses in Newfoundland and Labrador where electricity prices are also expected to rise as Muskrat Falls comes online? How can businesses adapt and succeed in the lower-carbon economy? This innovative course includes both classroom and tailored 1-on-1 learning, and equips owners, operators, and managers in Newfoundland and Labrador’s private sector with the skills to identify opportunities within their business to address rising fuel and electricity costs.

  • FEB 28

    CleanTechWest, taking place February 28, 2019, is a workshop in Corner Brook, NL that explores clean technology and green economy business opportunities specific to the Western region. Focus themes for the workshop include: renewable energy, waste management and value from waste, and the forestry sector.

  • FEB 28-1
    THIS MONTH: Environmental and Regulatory Compliance Project Management

    WINTER 2019: NEIA’s Environmental and Regulatory Compliance Project Management course provides practitioners with project management skills and resources through the lens of an environmental professional and customized to the regulatory conditions and requirements of Newfoundland and Labrador. This two-day classroom course engages participants through five interactive modules…

  • MAR 11-15
    Business Development Mission to Norway | March 2019

    NEIA is leading a mission to Norway in March, 2019. This mission is fully subscribed. There is significant opportunity for the application of products and services within the offshore oil and gas industry that protect, de-risk, or mitigate effects to …

  • MAY 1
    Cleantech Innovation Connector 2019

    The Cleantech Innovation Connector matches environmental challenges and opportunities within key Newfoundland and Labrador industries with those interested in helping pursue solutions – researchers, entrepreneurs, and intrapreneurs within established innovative firms. 2019’s event is following a new format where industry needs and research interests will be presented to small targeted groups carefully cultivated to maximize the potential for discussion and collaboration.

  • MAY 27-29
    MAY: Erosion and Sediment Control Practitioner Course (ESCP)

    SPRING 2019: This course was introduced in 2016 and was highly regarded by its participants. NEIA, in cooperation with VOI Training, has announced dates for 2019. The Maximum registration for the course is 18 individuals, and this year’s course was wait listed, so be sure to confirm your spot as soon as you can.

  • MAY 29-31
    MAY: Environmental Field Procedures for Works In and About Water Practitioner (EFPP)

    SPRING 2019: Delivered in NL for the first time! Applied training for the effective management of environmental resources in and around water during construction projects. Applied techniques and procedures that increase confidence and diligence and improve environmental performance.

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