Six proven ideas for creating sustainable communities

Looking for proven yet innovative ideas to develop your community? Click here to read six inspiring articles from FCM that feature practical, cost-effective approaches to creating sustainable cities and towns.

1. Do you have aging suburban infrastructure?
Learn how to make older suburbs more resilient to climate change. County Court neighbourhood in Brampton, ON is preparing for a changing climate through innovative projects, such as Green Home Makeovers, bio-filter swales and a stormwater facility.

2. Why net-zero energy helps reduce emissions and costs
Find out how to improve the comfort, efficiency and air quality of buildings in your community using net-zero construction. You’ll be reducing greenhouse gases and energy use at the same time.

3. Cut greenhouse gas emissions in half with low-carbon design
Is your community looking to lower energy use, reduce climate change risks (such as flooding) and cut infrastructure costs? Consider adding low-carbon design to your land-use plan to achieve these goals while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

4. How Saint-Hyacinthe turns waste into biogas
Does your municipality need a way to deal with organic waste and sewage sludge? Read how a Quebec community has solved its organic waste problem while reaping environmental and economic benefits.

5. Ways Ottawa increases cycling with green transit options
Follow Ottawa’s lead and integrate transit and cycling into your city or town’s year-round commuting plan. You can save on road operation and maintenance costs, reduce traffic downtown and increase transit and bike use.

6. How to gain $1.2M in value from wastewater
Find out how your community can turn a wastewater problem into an advantage. Learn about Cranbrook, BC’s innovative approach to treating effluent. Treated water is used to irrigate forage land, leading to over $1 million per year in revenues.

Read the whole series to discover new ideas and resources for your community.

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