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RPC Science and Engineering

RPC Science and Engineering

Company Info


Mr. Josh Perry
Client Services Supervisor


921 College Hill Road

Fredericton, NB

E3B 6Z9


p: 506.452.1212
f: 506.452.1395


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Putting innovative ideas to work

“RPC is an independent contract research and development and technical services organization with headquarters in Fredericton. RPC’s complement of 98 scientists, engineers and technologists are supported by a 13,000 sq. meter facility housing world-class analytical chemistry and material-testing laboratories, comprehensive life science capabilities, an internationally recognized fish health lab, extensive prototype design, manufacturing and testing services, and a wide variety of pilot facilities for the development and improvement of industrial and environmental processes and products.

RPC’s comprehensive analytical chemistry facilities provide a one-stop shop for all your analytical needs. RPC provides routine analyses for our clients but we are also capable of providing high-end analyses such as dioxins and furans, organo-metallics, low level trace metals analysis and a wide range of pesticides. RPC also has extensive experience in analysis of unusual matrices such as plant and animal tissues, fish meal and fish oil. Our Analytical Services groups include Air Quality, Chemistry, Food Chemistry, Fish Health and Water and Other Microbiology.

RPC is accredited by various organizations including the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) and is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Further information about RPC’s services is available from www.rpc.ca.