Membership Registration.

Thank you for your interest in joining the Newfoundland and Labrador Environmental Industry Association (NEIA).

Membership Criteria

Companies and organizations that can apply for a NEIA membership include:

  • Businesses working within the Industry
    Includes businesses which provide or consume an environmental product and/or service, or a business which is otherwise involved in the environmental industry.

  • Environmentally Responsible Companies/Organizations
    Industries, companies, and organizations that support the objective of NEIA and implement environmentally sound practices, or are clients of environmental firms.

  • Environmental Education & Employment
    Post secondary institutions that provide environmentally related programs, and other organizations that ensure a skilled workforce.

  • Relevant Government Departments & Agencies
    Federal, provincial and municipal government departments or agencies that relate to environment or industry development issues.

  • Support Companies/Organizations
    Companies/organizations that provide non-environmental support to NEIA and its members, such as equipment suppliers, travel agencies, Internet providers, accounting and business services.

  • Environmental/Community Organizations
    Other non governmental organizations or advocacy groups that support NEIA or provide information and programs aimed at improving environmental quality.

All NEIA members have voting privileges, with the exception of industry associations, governmental departments, and educational institutions.

Annual Membership Fees including HST:

Voting Members
1 – 4 staff: $300.00 CAD
5 – 10 staff: $375.00 CAD
11 – 30 staff: $525.00 CAD
31+ staff: $750.00 CAD

Non-Voting Members
1 – 4 staff: $275.00 CAD
5 – 10 staff: $300.00 CAD
11 – 50 staff: $450.00 CAD
51+ staff: $675.00 CAD

Individual Membership

Those interested in the environmental industry who wish to be involved in NEIA on an individual, non-commercial basis. Individual members are entitled to member discounts, and are not entitled to directory profiles or permitted to vote. Any post secondary student interested in learning more about the environmental industry is entitled to a student discount.

Annual Membership Fees including HST:
Non-student: $50.00 CAD
Student: $20.00

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