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Oil Filtration Solutions

Oil Filtration Solutions

Company Info


Mr. Bill Butler


P.O. Box 16125
Conception Bay South, NL
A1X 2E2




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Oil Filtration Solutions Ltd. is a Canadian incorporated company, with operations based in Conception Bay South, in the province of Newfoundland & Labrador, just minutes from the provincial capital of St. John’s. Oil Filtration Solutions Ltd. (OFS) is the Master Distributor of Generation 2 Filtration™ 1 micron oil ‘by-pass’ systems for Atlantic Canada, Iceland, Greenland & Scandinavia. In addition we are the Agent as well as a retailer in Newfoundland & Labrador for Prolab Technolub, the Canadian made line of industrial lubricants. We also represent independent oil sample analysis laboratories, offering our customers the ability to test their fluids independently to establish wear trends, & help them to identify equipment problems before they become costly repair ventures.

Being a ‘by-pass’, our 1 micron filter systems can be installed on any oil reservoir without interfering with the operation of the equipment or the existing filter system. The filter is highly efficient in the removal of ultra-fine contamination and water normally missed by the main filters. By filtering oil down to 1 micron, with the added ability of removing water at 99.97% from oil, our line of by-pass filters significantly reduces mechanical wear, while prolonging the life of oil with operational safety. With the installation of our filter systems, customers are able to prolong their diesel engine oil up to a factor of 5.

On a hydraulic application, our elements will keep hydraulic oil up to 4 ISO grades cleaner than the ISO cleanliness level of new oil. Our customers experience up to an 80% reduction in waste oil production, and a dramatic extension in equipment life. We are the exclusive distributor for Atlantic Canada, and promote and market the filter system globally for the manufacturer.