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Newfound Disposal Systems

Newfound Disposal Systems

Company Info


Mr. Pat Short


19 Harding Road
St. John's, NL
A1A 5B5




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Founded by three brothers Ed, Bernie, and Pat Short in 1987, Newfound Disposal Systems Limited continues to remain 100% Newfoundland owned and operated. The Company was incorporated to provide service to the front end customer waste disposal customer but over the last 3 decades Newfound Disposal has evolved into a broad range waste and recycling provider. Today Newfound Disposal also provides services in the confidential shredding industry, specialty wastes, recycling, roll-off and front end service, hand pick up service, compactor and baler supply and maintenance, etc.

Newfound Disposal has expanded but not lost its focus of quality service and reasonable rates.

Through the use of front-end trucks, roll off trucks, side loaders, box trucks, delivery units, shredding trucks, heavy equipment, various container sizes (ranging from 2 to 50 cubic yards), various totes, compactors and heavy equipment, Newfound solves many of today’s waste management problems. Newfound Disposal has a team to maintain and repair all equipment to keep our customers service levels at the industry peak.

While Newfound Disposal has continuously updated front line equipment it is the behind the scenes changes that keeps Newfound Disposal on the cutting edge as a service provider. Being the first to update software and hardware allows Newfound Disposal staff to be on top of customer requirements. With specialized software for tracking customer services and customer service history, Newfound is quick to respond by “knowing” when a customers service should and does occur.

Global Positioning technology was introduced to allow monitoring of rolling stock for quickest response time to customers as well as driver support, both lending themselves to high levels of customer service.

Newfound Disposal Systems Limited prides itself on its’ ability to track your materials from the “Cradle-to-the-Grave”.