Are you interested in doing business internationally? Join NEIA’s Export and International Business Network to accomplish what you cannot do alone.

The Export and International Business Network is a group of firms in the environmental sector conducting business, or looking to explore opportunities, abroad.

International business exists in a variety of forms, whether it be through exporting, securing new suppliers, licensing technologies, accessing capital and business attraction, etc. Through its Export and International Business Network NEIA will facilitate companies to work together cooperatively, enhance their international business / export potential, and to accomplish what individual businesses working in isolation are unable to do.

  • Become informed about international opportunities
  • Access relevant training
  • Make connections with other firms engaged / interested in international business
  • Brainstorm opportunities with other firms and explore opportunities for export / international business collaboration
  • Dialogue with a range of market experts (by region AND product line)
  • Learn about the supply chains for international projects
  • Make connections with government officials, international trade officers and others who can help you grow your business
  • Utilize an export Diagnostic tool to assist with market plan development
  • Receive regular information on international trade missions
  • Become aware of financial and program supports capable of assisting you in international development
  • Access to International Financial Institution (IFI) tenders
  • Learn about customs/international market regulations

Join the Network!

To join the Export and International Business Network, please contact NEIA’s Manager of Business Development Abbie Lacey at NEIA’s staff will be in touch with you to welcome you to the network, provide you with the information needed to begin, and notify you about the network’s next meeting.

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