NEIA Congratulates Sikumiut Environmental Management Ltd. on PEGNL Award

NEIA would like to congratulate one of its members, Sikumiut Environmental Management Ltd., for winning the Professional Engineers and Geoscientists Newfoundland and Labrador (PEGNL) Environmental Award. The Environmental Award recognizes the application of science, technology and engineering to human and resource environmental management in Newfoundland and Labrador. Its purpose is to emphasize the use of science, technology, and modern organization techniques by the engineering profession and others to protect and enhance the environment.

Sikumiut’s “Pontoon Crossing” work was cited by PEGNL.

From Sikumiut: “The Voisey’s Bay Mine and Mill in Labrador requires shipping year-round, including during winter when the land fast ice provides a transportation corridor for North Coast residents. A Shipping Agreement entered into with Labrador Inuit Association (now Nunatsiavut Government) requires that safe passage be provided within a reasonable time period following each vessel passage. Natural re-freeze of the broken track would normally occur within an acceptable time frame, however experience has shown that there can be prolonged periods when re-freeze is delayed considerably. The challenge was to develop a portable, deployable system across the 30 m width of a ship track and avoid having the structure freeze in and become an impediment to ship passage. Sikumiut proposed a concept of using a series of modular units supported by pontoons. This system was manufactured in the province, tested and operated successfully, and with minor modifications will continue to be deployed as needed. The pontoon system was fabricated within the Province. It can be deployed and recovered using snowmobile power and a komatik-mounted winch. With little, if any delay, travelers can access recreational and hunting areas.”

NEIA would also like to congratulate Sikumiut’s Bevin LeDrew who was presented with an Honourary Membership with PEGNL. This honour is bestowed upon and individual who through his/her own initiative and leadership, has rendered eminent service allied with the profession resulting in the betterment of mankind through the development of new material, equipment, techniques, philosophy or management related to engineering or geoscience.

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