Grow more local produce to counter high prices: local chef and entrepreneur

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A local chef and entrepreneur says the rising cost of food helps to highlight the need in this province to grow more local produce.

Todd Perrin says although Canada produces a large amount of the world’s food, it’s focused on a relatively small number of crops, most of which it exports.

That means we must rely on the import of food from foreign countries for most of our staples.

He says the current food system means we don’t have a diversified agricultural system, with an emphasis on wheat, barley and corn and not enough of things like carrot, turnip and cauliflower.

A dought in California and the low Canadian dollar means the price of most produce has risen to such a degree, it puts it out of the reach of many. Perrin says Newfoundlanders traditionally grew their own food, and it’s time for us to return to those traditions.

He says we have to be more committed to growing our own food in our own backyard.

Meanwhile, nutritionist Tara Antle says there are ways to continue to eat healthy and not have to pay through the nose.

She says frozen fruits and vegetables are a cheaper alternative when fresh foods are out of season.

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