Board of Directors

NEIA is governed by an 9-member board elected from the membership. Directors serve for a two year term and can serve for four (4) consecutive years before taking a one year hiatus.

The Board of Directors of NEIA has a responsibility for:

  • The financial health of NEIA
  • Developing a strategic plan so that NEIA has a plan for its future
  • Hiring, guiding and evaluating the Executive Director against a set of established criteria
  • Producing policies that give high-level direction to the organization
  • Communicating with members
  • Ensuring an ethical and accountable organization


Annual Reports

NEIA’s annual reports are distributed electronically as to avoid unnecessary paper use.

Annual General Meetings

Each year in March, NEIA holds in Annual General Meeting. For more general information on our AGM, click here. Click below for information on specific NEIA AGMs.

AGM Minutes

PDF copies of NEIA’s Annual General Meeting minutes are available below.


Click here to view NEIA’s bylaws, last amended on March 29, 2012.

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