Environmental Project Management.

Are you a senior manager, project manager, project lead, or member of a technical staff that manages projects or project components from an environmental perspective? NEIA is currently developing a new Environmental Project Management course that may be of interest to you.

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Addressing environmental impacts is a critical component of any environmental, infrastructure or sustainability project undertaking. A fundamental objective for these types of projects is to protect the natural environment by ensuring that federal, provincial and local natural heritage policies are developed and applied appropriately. This also minimizes the risk of regulatory and civil liabilities to the client / performing organization. This requires a meticulous approach to project planning, organization, communications, implementation and documentation – all of which are elements of focus for this course.

Taking place in Winter 2014, NEIA’s Environmental Project Management training course will take participants through the project cycle as it pertains to environmental sector professionals. More information on this course is coming soon.

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