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D. Blizzard Integrated Services Inc.

D. Blizzard Integrated Services Inc.

Company Info


Mr. Daniel Arthur Blizzard


211 Route 138
Suite 3
Saint Augustin-de Demaures, NB
G3A 2P4




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We provide solutions and best practices for all circumstances as a system of environmental protection which will enable large projects, large equipment not to disturb or destroy wetlands and boreal lands. We restore ecosystems and the environment as a general state of origin soon after the completion of the project.

D. Blizzard Integrated Services Inc. (DBIS Inc) specializes in providing temporary access solutions, leasing, transmission line access, pipeline right-of-ways, and environmentally sensitive area. We provide swamps mats, rig mats, crane mats, digging mats and temporary bridges.

We provide bridges for small crossings; safe, nonhazardous, emissions reduction for all shapes and sizes of fuel engines and boilers; data collection, surveillance, safety inspections, fire and police, and delivery systems.

Our high-quality and versatile, Multi-Rotor, and Fixed-Wing un-manned aircraft (drones) can serve a wide range of needs. Whether it be a swarm of multirotor aircrafts extinguishing an electrical fire or fixed-wing aircraft mapping a field, we’ve got you covered.

DBIS Inc. provides low impact engineered environmental access solutions with the lowest impacts.

Scope of Products:
3-ply laminated hardwood, southern yellow pine, laminated bamboo, laminated hardwood, rig mats timber mats in hemlock, hardwood, etc. Engineered bridge kits up to 80’ long , and Douglas fir mats up to 40’ long.

Scope of Services
DBIS Inc. will visit and walk the job sites to inspect soil conditions and vegetation, to inform its recommendations on engineering and equipment that will deliver the lowest impact solution.

We sell, we rent, and we offer buy back, and we rent on a per lineal meter, per kilometer basis, meaning we do not rent per mat but per distance and assume the risk. You could be in a bad swamp area and need 5000 mats, or in another area need 500 mats our rental price per lineal meter remains the same so we assume and accept the risks.