Atlantic Ecosystem Initiatives Funding Program

Through the Atlantic Ecosystem Initiatives Funding Program (AEI), Environment Canada is currently seeking proposals for projects focused in the Atlantic Ecosystem, which includes the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Atlantic Ecosystem Initiatives Funding Program (AEI) aims to improve the health, productivity and long-term sustainability of the Atlantic Ecosystem. The program seeks to achieve greater environmental impacts by encouraging comprehensive ecosystem-based projects that include partnerships and collaboration amongst organizations throughout Atlantic Canada. Funding will be provided for projects that enhance integrated ecosystem planning and decision-making, increase ecosystem knowledge and science, and undertake actions that reach across Atlantic Canada to conserve, restore and enhance ecosystem health. Projects will address one or more of Environment Canada’s current priorities of water quality, habitat and biodiversity, and impacts of Climate Change.

Eligible recipients include all Atlantic Canadian:

  • Non-government organizations;
  • Coalitions and networks of organizations;
  • Research and academic Institutions; and
  • Aboriginal governments and organizations.

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Projects funded under the Atlantic Ecosystem Initiatives will contribute to the National Conservation Plan, which aims to conserve Canada’s lands and waters, restore Canada’s ecosystems, and connect Canadians to nature. (For more information on the National Conservation Plan, please visit

If you have any questions about the Atlantic Ecosystem Initiatives, or would like to discuss potential projects, please contact us by phone: 902-426-8521 or 1-800-663-5755 (toll-free) or by email at

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