Adaptation Library: Municipal and Community resources for climate adaptation

Canadian communities are becoming increasingly vulnerable to a range of impacts including rising temperatures, more frequent and intense storms and sea level rise. Municipal services and infrastructure are increasingly being affected by these events.

Climate change adaptation can include any activity that reduces the negative impacts of climate change and/or takes advantage of new opportunities that may be presented. This includes activities that are taken before impacts are observed (anticipatory) and after impacts have been felt (reactive). Both anticipatory and reactive adaptation can be planned (i.e. the result of deliberate policy decisions), and reactive adaptation can also occur spontaneously. In most circumstances, anticipatory adaptations will incur lower long-term costs and be more effective than reactive adaptations. Successful adaptation does not mean that negative impacts will not occur, only that they will be less severe than would be experienced had no adaptation occurred.

The Adaptation Library is a publicly accessible and searchable collection of community-related products developed through the Natural Resources Canada Regional Adaptation Collaborative (RACs) and Tools for Adaptation Programs. The goal of the Library is to connect community and municipal users with relevant information related to local climate change adaptation.

The Tools for Adaptation products are meant to provide a practical, step-wise approach to assess risks and opportunities from a changing climate, and provide guidance for planning and implementing adaptations. The tools can be used for a variety of purposes, from a high-level review of risks and opportunities, to detailed planning or preparation of a business case.

This Library includes only community-related products developed through these RACs and Natural Resources Canada’s Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Division Tools program. The Library was compiled by ICLEI Canada alongside an Advisory Committee made up of municipal adaptation practitioners from across Canada including members from each RAC and selected product producers.

Click here to access the library.

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