Fall Report of the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development (2012)

Is environmental protection keeping pace with economic development?

“This report examines the following federal environmental programs and activities, which help ensure that natural resource development is both responsible and sustainable:

  • protecting our ocean resources by establishing marine protected areas;
  • managing environmental risks associated with offshore oil and gas development; and
  • setting financial guarantees and liability limits for mining, shipping and offshore platforms, and nuclear power.

We have also included a study of federal support to the fossil fuel sector. This study highlights the critical link between environmental and economic issues raised in past reports. In the annual environmental petitions report, we follow up on questions posed in three petitions received in recent years. We present what Environment Canada and Health Canada are doing with regard to substances used in hydraulic fracturing for shale gas.”

View the report chapters via the interactive documents below, or download them in pdf format:
The Commissioner’s Perspective
Chapter 1 — Atlantic Offshore Oil and Gas Activities
Chapter 2 — Financial Assurances for Environmental Risks
Chapter 3 — Marine Protected Areas
Chapter 4 — A Study of Federal Support to the Fossil Fuel Sector
Chapter 5 — Environmental Petitions

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